Vasista 10 Years anniversary Booklet

It’s decade of success, growth, and innovation!

Vasista is celebrating a remarkable 10 Years achievements, memories, and endless possibilities.

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Distributor Management System (DMS)

The Distributor Management System (DMS) is a key feature of Vasista’s Daily Orders application. It provides dairy companies with a comprehensive digital solution for managing their distributors, retailers, sales executives, and other stakeholders on a single platform.

Inventory Management Module

Storage Creation: Efficiently manage your inventory by creating storage locations for organized storage and easy retrieval. Product Creation: Capture essential product details to maintain accurate inventory records and enable effective stock management.
Quality Parameters Creation: Define quality parameters to ensure consistent product quality and adherence to standards. Category Addition: Categorize products for streamlined inventory tracking and improved reporting.

Marketing & Sales

Product: Maintain a comprehensive database of your products, including details like SKU, description, and attributes. Customers: Manage customer information, enabling personalized interactions and targeted marketing efforts. Distribution Network: Organize and oversee your distribution network, optimizing efficiency in product delivery.
Product Pricing: Define and manage pricing strategies for your products, ensuring consistency and competitiveness.