Fixed Asset Management

Crates management is an important aspect for dairy companies

Track Assets Efficiently

Big dairy companies can have a lot of fixed assets under their name. These assets can be plant emissaries, furniture, vehicles, building, and even land. Managing and taking care of each and every asset can be a huge undertaking, especially if done manually. With the help of the Fixed Asset Management module of Vasista’s ERP Milkosoft, dairy companies can do the tracking and management easily and with better efficiency.

Easy Monitoring and Maintenance of Assets

The Fixed Asset Management module follows the entire lifecycle of a product, right from purchase to scrapping. It provides real-time monitoring reports on each asset making it easier for plant managers to order any spare parts for an asset or perform periodic maintenance. If an asset breaks down, the user department can raise a complaint request to the engineering department easily through the module itself.

Manage Insurance Claims and Maintenance Contracts

Different assets can have different insurance coverages and AMC (Annual Maintenance Coverage) validity periods. With the Fixed Asset Management module, managing different contracts also becomes easier. It also helps in raising maintenance requests of insurance claims whenever there is an accident to any asset, it gets damaged or faces any other issues. It also helps in calculating the depreciation value of each asset as per the IT Act or as per the Company’s act.

Track Asset Movement and Usage

Capturing the asset usage times, meter readings for different assets, oil consumption, electricity consumption, and other services can also be captured in logsheets inside the module. Assets can move internally from one location to another for a dairy plant. This movement is also tracked in the module accurately giving an overview of interdepartmental transfer of assets as well.

Case Study

BRAC Dairy and Food Project was the first dairy company in Bangladesh to receive the ISO 22000 certification. When it first started, BRAC was producing 140,000 litres of milk every day. They were having difficulties in managing different manual tasks and had to do a lot of reworks. There was an unavailability of accurate as well as real-time data which was hampering their progress.

By implementing Vasista’s off-the-shelf ERP Milkosoft, BRAC was able to automate their entire supply chain. They reduced the amount of rework to be done and aligned with the best industry practices to increase production. Availability of real-time data and reports gave them more control over the business processes. Now BRAC operates 101 chilling centres and processes 250,000 litres of milk every day. It has more than 50,000 registered farmers and 1500 employees working in 101 chilling centres and processing 250,000 liters of milk per day.

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