Milk Billing/Invoice Generation

For farmers dealing with multiple dairies, Vasista’s app provides easy milk submission

Accurate Milk Billing is Essential

One of the most important processes for any dairy company or collection centre is to create invoices for the milk submitted by the farmers and their due amount. The same goes for a farmer. They need to have up-to-date records of the milk they have submitted, what were the input services taken from the dairy, any other expenses procured, and then collect the final payment from their respective collection centres of dairies.

Manage Multiple Milk Submissions and Payouts

Accurate record-keeping can be a hassle if there are a lot of players involved. If a farmer deals with multiple dairies, owing to their price or distance from the farm or anything else, it can be challenging to maintain every transaction manually. Through the Vasista app, they can easily capture records of milk submission and track their account statement from multiple dairies. They can even see their billing details in real-time and get a better gauge of how much they are earning, how much credit have they taken from the dairy, and which dairy is paying them better.

Stay on Top of Farmer Input Services

This is helpful for the dairy institutions as well because they can deal with hundreds of farmers on a daily basis. Keeping a manual ledger of milk submitted by a farmer, any input services availed, artificial insemination history, cattle feed records, and vaccination tracking can be prone to errors which would then lead to financial loss to the company. The app consolidates this data in a single place so that capturing, managing, and referring to this data is straightforward for both the farmers as well as the dairy company.

Case Study

Dairy company DKMUL had 124 BMCUs working for them collecting milk and dispatching it to distributors and retailers every day. They used to keep a record of 3 to 5 lakh liters of milk every day which was not a simple job. After employing Vasista’s BMCU management solution, they now have real-time updates of milk movement across their 124 BMCUs.
Before Milko soft each BMCU’s maintained manual records and dispatch to the dairy with dairy tanker then data entry person at dairy will enter all BMCU’s milk details before generation of milk bill, billing section people will collect all the deductions needs to deduct from bill from various sections like input services, AI/AH,..etc, it had taken so much time to generate milk bill. Now all milk entries happened at BMCU’s, input services details will enter in the milko soft before dispatching to the societies. With this while generating milk bill system will consolidate all these with one button click bill will generate. It reduced all sections time to generate milk bill and improved accuracy.

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