Asset Management

Knowing which market area you have a larger or smaller share in, can be immensely powerful

Issue Assets to Retailers and Vendors

Apart from all the pieces of machinery employed inside the plant, dairy companies often tend to provide some assets like refrigerators, specialized storage crates and others to different vendors and retailers in their area. While it plays an important role in preserving the milk as well as other products supplied by the company, it can mean a big investment undertaken by the dairy company.

Say Goodbye to Manual Asset Management

Managing these assets and keeping track of whether they are working properly is vital to the dairy business. However, doing it manually can be a hassle and spreadsheets aren’t a great way of staying on top of your asset allocations, health status, maintenance reports, damage reconciliations and more.

Accurately Track Asset Allocation

Vasista’s ERP solution Milkosoft has an Asset Management module that is designed especially for this use case. The interactive module helps dairy companies accurately track which asset is allocated to whom, their overall health, maintenance status and more. It also helps in keeping a record of which vendors are due for their assets payment, any new requests, which asset needs to be disposed of or scrapped, as well as the movement of assets from one vendor to another.

Case Study

BRAC Dairy and Food Project was the first dairy company in Bangladesh to receive the ISO 22000 certification. When it first started, BRAC was producing 140,000 litres of milk every day. They were having difficulties in managing different manual tasks and had to do a lot of reworks. There was an unavailability of accurate as well as real-time data which was hampering their progress.

By implementing Vasista’s off-the-shelf ERP Milkosoft, BRAC was able to automate their entire supply chain. They reduced the amount of rework to be done and aligned with the best industry practices to increase production. Availability of real-time data and reports gave them more control over the business processes. Now BRAC operates 101 chilling centres and processes 250,000 litres of milk every day. It has more than 50,000 registered farmers and 1500 employees working in 101 chilling centres and processing 250,000 liters of milk per day.

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