Procurement Management Software for Your Business

Maintain milk records easily in one place.

How Does Vasista’s Procurement Management Software Help You Stand Out

It is the first of its kind end-to-end milk procurement software. It can easily track milk collection and quality data right from the farmer and village level to the Bulk Milk Collection Unit (BMCUs). The software also helps:


14.Milk Billing (1)

Milk Billing

For farmers dealing with multiple dairies, Vasista’s app provides easy milk submission.


Animal Health

For an industry that is so independent on animals, keeping them healthy is the biggest priority.


Artificial Insemination

Although still a fairly new concept, Artificial Insemination has been successful in maintaining.


BMCU Management

Manage milk quantity and other data across collection centers and BMCUs easily.


Tanker Receipt

Track the movement of milk from various chilling centers and third-party milk procurement

Case Study

Diary company DKMUL had 124 BMCUs working for them collecting milk and dispatching it to distributors and retailers every day. They used to keep a record of 3 to 5 lakh liters of milk every day which was not a simple job. After employing Vasista’s BMCU management solution, they now have real-time updates of milk movement across their 124 BMCUs. They can see the inventory level in real-time and are able to plan their production a lot better based on the market demands and utilization. Everything is stored in the central location making it easier to access as well.

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Our in-house ERP Milkosoft is used by renowned Dairies across the country. Our unique products, domain knowledge, and commitment to details help transform your dairy operations.

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