Crates Management

Crates management is an important aspect for dairy companies and distributors.

Eliminate errors and fraudulent activities

After the milk is produced, it is loaded onto trucks and vans to be dispatched to their respective retailers, distributors, or vendors. A specific number of milk packets are placed in every crate and the total number of crates is counted at the end to get an idea about the total products dispatched. This is a common method employed by a lot of dairies and distributors.

The problem with this method is that the transporters and van staff don’t always give the crates due importance. Instances of crates not returning to the plant or broken crates can be a cause of concern for plant managers. Lost or broken crates need to be replaced with new ones, which is an unnecessary cost burden and can be easily avoided with careful handling.

Crates Getting lost or misplaced? Not Anymore

Through the mobile app, crate management becomes a lot easier. Instead of keeping manual records, logistic managers can just scan the number of crates loaded for a given consignment and make sure that the transporters return with every crate at the end of their shift. This also prevents any jumbling up of crates from another dairy vendor as proper records are maintained. Digitization of crates management not only enhances their visibility, but also restricts transporters from tampering with the crates, not handling them properly, or losing them intentionally.

Eliminate errors in product delivery

Another advantage of robust crates management is that the packing team can verify if all the packets inside the crate are the same or a different product is about to be dispatched mistakenly. Even a couple of fresh cream milk packets in a crate full of toned milk can mean discrepancies in deliveries, which are harder to resolve as the vans would have to come back in the middle of their route to pick up the correct order.

Case Study

BRAC Dairy and Food Project was the first dairy company in Bangladesh to receive the ISO 22000 certification. When it first started, BRAC was producing 140,000 litres of milk every day. They were having difficulties in managing different manual tasks and had to do a lot of reworks. There was an unavailability of accurate as well as real-time data which was hampering their progress.

By implementing Vasista’s off-the-shelf ERP Milkosoft, BRAC was able to automate their entire supply chain. They reduced the amount of rework to be done and aligned with the best industry practices to increase production. Availability of real-time data and reports gave them more control over the business processes. Now BRAC operates 101 chilling centres and processes 250,000 litres of milk every day. It has more than 50,000 registered farmers and 1500 employees working in 101 chilling centres and processing 250,000 liters of milk per day.

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