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Be the digital transformation partner for the Dairy Industry

Vasista aims to bring advanced technologies and research into the dairy industry. Deep analytics and artificial intelligence have the potential to transform the entire dairy industry. Be it milk production, collection, distribution, or payment, Vasista provides solutions for every step of the dairy supply chain.

Our mission is to apply end-to-end analysis of business operations and provide valuable insights to organizations. They can leverage these insights to make smarter business decisions. We want to combine FinTech services with the dairy industry to allow the smooth processing of financial transactions and account statements among dairies and farmers.

To be a market leader in the dairy digitization space. Applying this model across different companies and working with the governments of different countries to upgrade their existing dairy industry is what fuels our spirit and drives us forward.



Empowering the Dairy Industry towards a New Future

India is the world’s largest milk producer country but its quality of milk still leaves a lot to be desired. Vasista aspires to bring a change in the dairy industry and improve the quality of milk. Our objective is to become a Dairy Informatics platform working with world leaders to enhance technology, automation, neo banking, and animal health informatics of the existing dairy industry.

Company Overview

We are a group of highly motivated dairy lovers who have joined hands together to transform the Dairy industry. We work with Dairy companies as well as international organizations to help them grow their business. How do we do this? We set up a robust framework for a complete digital overhaul of dairy processes and customize the solution as per business needs.

What started out as a small group of IT and Finance professionals coming together for a project, has grown into a team of 70+ multi-talented people with a common aim of improving the dairy industry.

The Indian dairy industry is quite unique and something that normal IT companies can’t do justice to. With more than a decade of experience working on different projects, and countries, we are able to process more than 1 Crore liters of milk every day. Our focus on innovation and building relationships with our clients is what helps us achieve these objectives. 

The Dairy Industry is going through a paradigm shift. Dairies are realizing the benefits of cloud computing and what it can do for their business. At Vasista, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and our dedication to help you through this transformation journey. We have worked with some of the biggest dairy companies in India and abroad and have evolved best practices for enhancing every dairy module.

As a SaaS company, we offer an industry leading ERP solution that is made specifically for the dairy domain. We understand the challenges and technological limitations that several dairy companies face and provide features that span across the dairy supply chain. Our consultants stay in deep contact with your team to create custom solutions as per your business requirement. Be it logistics, procurement, production, sales and distribution or more.

We Focus on Everything

We Focus on Everything

Vasista believes in dedicating yourself to the cause. We have different teams for procurement, dairy plant, farmers, finances, engineering operations and sales and distribution management. They have years of experience under their belt and help you follow the best practices to enhance business revenue.

We are Easy to Use

We are Easy to Use

Share processes and data secure Our solution comes as an interactive mobile application that every stakeholder in the dairy supply chain can use easily. There is a single dashboard that houses all the solutions you can use for improving your dairy business.

A Tech Dedicated Company

A Tech Dedicated Company

We believe that AI and modern technology will be the driving factor behind the next dairy revolution. It is time for dairy companies to combine all thier processes in a single dashboard and manage them efficiently. Milk quality and overall profit depends on how well a plant is managed and our Dairy Engineering platform ensures that best practices are being followed at every step of the way.

Bringing Disruptive Innovation to Dairy Technology for Profitable Growth

India is the world’s largest milk producer but that dominance is yet to be achieved in the dairy sector. Dairy companies are still following rudimentary processes in day to day operations.

Vasista aims in bringing the dairy sector up to speed with the modern world. By seamless integration with any legacy system, Vasista provides stability and scalability to your dairy company. Process more orders, serve more customers, improve product quality and earn more revenue.

Why You Should Get In Business With Vasista

Option to choose between end-to-end transformations of your dairy or modular transformation of particular modules.

Team of highly experienced professionals who are devoted to fulfill your business objectives and help you grow your business.

We take full responsibility of the IT transformation and make sure that your on-going activities are not interrupted at all.

First company to launch a cloud-based solution, enable mobile payments, get NASSCOM recognitions and receive the highest security audit for a dairy solution.

Market leader in the dairy digitization space with a portfolio of clients spread across different states as well as countries.

Preventive maintenance and risk mitigation to recover from any sudden breakdowns, fraudulent activities, and make engineering maintenance more efficient.

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