Production Operations

Plant managers benefit from real-time visibility and demand predictions as decisions around production processes emanate from market demand and commitment to serve fresh products to customers.

Optimize the Production Process

Production planning and control is critical for production operations. While milk and milk products are rich in nutrients processing plants need to ensure that necessary controls are in place considering the highly perishable nature. Once the milk has been procured from the animal, the agility with which it is moved to the consumer’s table matters. Insights into profitability and product mix that best matches consumer preferences are very critical for planning. With a robust ERP system in place, the dairy supply chain can be optimized with a profitable product mix, better production and logistics planning and efficient execution of plant operations.

Efficiently Manage Milk Production and Supply

The dairy engineers continuously strive to strike a fine balance between demand and supply. Inherently the industry faces seasonal cycles of lean and flush in fresh milk availability from farmers -milk supply can be surplus to requirements prompting need for conversion of milk into milk powder while on the other side there can be less supply than demand and companies have to produce milk using the powder.
Unlike other industries several of the core milk processes are not strictly recipe based rather they are availability-based synthesis of core ingredients which is unique to this industry. For several decades the household dairy brands traditionally focussed on selling milk and a few traditional by-products like ghee. There is an emerging trend of focusing on recipe based value added products to their product portfolio. Several high value dairy variants with unique recipes and specialty dairies that focus on customized dairy products to match varying dietary needs of urban dwellers is an emerging trend.
Vasista’s ERP solution Milkosoft, is a highly customized solution for the dairy industry and aims to improve business processes across the dairy value chain. With a successful track record of implementation across geographies for varying size of milk plants. Milkosoft production processes cover the entire range of milk and milk products with configurable parameters to achieve material balancing across the production processes.
Production module of Milkosoft supports the complete range of traditional as well as modern dairy products processes and helps dairy engineers manage plant operations efficiently. The module is configurable to manage both forward and backward relationships between the end product and BOM to achieve material balancing across the processes.

Match Market Demands Optimally

With Milkosoft’s dairy modules plant managers can keep a track of inward and outward movement of milk with details of Fat and SNF contents. This empowers dairy engineers to sharpen their plant operations as per the market demand. Real-time information flowing from the market, BMCUs and on the floor operations help them to plan better. Visibility on movement of FGS inventory helps them to plan timely disposal / consumption for further processes. In sync with their marketing teams production managers can work towards improving the bottomline either by expanding to new markets and taking timely decisions to dispose off given the constraints in marketing operations.

Be on Top of Dairy Activities

Stay on top of everything happening in your dairy company -be at the milk processing section or other allied operational sections like butter, ghee sections or in the value added products like ice-creams, flavored milk, chocolates etc. Track the production cycle, staff assigned to a unit, issues faced, and overall production of each day on a single dashboard of Milkosoft. Unlike traditional ERPs, Milkosoft carries integrated quality management processes that help quality managers to keep a check of quality across different processes, plants, 3rd party suppliers supported. The in-built audit trail in Milkosoft helps no compromise on the quality processes. Timely interventions in taking reprocessing decisions and assessing the returns would be at figure tips avoiding delays. At the end of the day it is efficiency in managing the plant operations that reflects customer satisfaction and the brand image in the long run.

Case Study

BRAC Dairy and Food Project was the first dairy company in Bangladesh to receive the ISO 22000 certification. When it first started, BRAC was producing 140,000 litres of milk every day. They were having difficulties in managing different manual tasks and had to do a lot of reworks. There was an unavailability of accurate as well as real-time data which was hampering their progress.

By implementing Vasista’s off-the-shelf ERP Milkosoft, BRAC was able to automate their entire supply chain. They reduced the amount of rework to be done and aligned with the best industry practices to increase production. Availability of real-time data and reports gave them more control over the business processes. Now BRAC operates 101 chilling centres and processes 250,000 litres of milk every day. It has more than 50,000 registered farmers and 1500 employees working in 101 chilling centres and processing 250,000 liters of milk per day.

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