Animal Health

For an industry that is so independent on animals, keeping them healthy is the biggest priority.

Take Proper Care of Cattle

For the milk industry, cows and buffalos are the most valuable commodity. Everything depends on their ability to provide milk regularly and the proper health of the animals plays a huge role in this. It is the job of the farmers as well their dairy companies to make sure that proper care and supervision is provided to the animals at all times.

Ensure Animal Health and Safety

Vasista’s Farmer Management module has an Animal Health feature that helps farmers keep their cattle healthy. They can take photos of their sick animal or any other health-related concern and can quickly consult with a veterinarian to make sure that everything’s alright or if a visit to the doctor is required. This is beneficial for farmers that live far away from the city as diseases and illness can happen anytime and getting professional care promptly can be a challenge.

Seamless Vet Consultation

Through online consultation, farmers can save a trip to the vet as well as most diseases that can look horrific can be common for animals and could be treated with a few medications. They can even book an appointment for a vet to come and visit them in case a cow is pregnant and is near delivery or is suffering from a serious issue.

Case Study

Diary company DKMUL had 124 BMCUs working for them collecting milk and dispatching it to distributors and retailers every day. They used to keep a record of 3 to 5 lakh liters of milk every day which was not a simple job. After employing Vasista’s BMCU management solution, they now have real-time updates of milk movement across their 124 BMCUs. They can see the inventory level in real-time and are able to plan their production a lot better based on the market demands and utilization. Everything is stored in the central location making it easier to access as well.

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