International Women's Day 2024

Date: March 8, 2023

Firstly, we, the women folk thank Vasista for giving us this opportunity to meet on the occasion of Women’s Day 2024
Though we had tight schedules, it was appreciable that Management let us go and have some fun.
It was the first time most of us were meeting each other in person. Some of them enjoyed having their buddies with them cherishing their bond before COVID, the office days. Girls cheer for you, no mention of names, as I loved seeing your bonding ❤️.
While it was a moment to enjoy, we still had the workaholics sending emails, talking to clients, and connecting on a video call to the ones working today to show off 😆.
Whatever the standard of food, we all loved having lunch together, having as many serves as possible, and tasting most of the items on the buffet 😋🎂😍.
We shared some of our experiences and also got introduced to Ms Bindu from Heritage and Ms Sravani from KITE, TS govt. A few more clients were expected to arrive but due to women’s day celebration at their firms, were unable to make it.
Today’s highlights were food and photo sessions – both unlimited 😅🤣.
We shared the lessons learned from our mothers and also how to a way to save the environment, our women’s ways 😀.
Of course, there were shared rides too 👌.