Ration Balancing

The quality of cattle feed directly reflects in the milk they produce. India is a vast country

Maintain Nutritional Intake for Cattles

Cattle feed changes across different regions of India. Farmers in the north can feed their cattle something entirely different from those in the east. What cattle eat is directly reflected in the milk they produce. For a dairy company that works with multiple local collection centres spread across the country, maintaining the same taste and nutritional value for their products can be a challenging task if there is no uniformity. While giving the same food to every animal might be difficult, maintaining their nutritional intake is possible.

Stay on Top of Ration Supply and Demand

Through the Ration Balancing feature of the Farmer Management module, farmers, as well as dairy companies, can see what feed is provided to their cattle and what is their daily nutritional intake. It makes it easier to track how much grass is given to the animals, what was the concentrate given to maintain uniformity in nutritional content across locations, and what is the area wise demand of animal feed. With the help of the mobile app, farmers can create a diet chart for their animals and provide feed accordingly. The weight of an animal, its age, health status as well as lactating cycle factor a lot when it comes to their feed.

Helps Farmers Compare Feed Rates

Since a lot of dairies provide cattle feed and nutritional concentrates as a credit to farmers and deduct the amount from the final bill, keeping an accurate record of this becomes very vital. Not only for the dairies, but the app helps farmers as well. It contains the concentrate price data for different vendors allowing the farmers to choose the one which best suits their budget and location.

Case Study

Diary company DKMUL had 124 BMCUs working for them collecting milk and dispatching it to distributors and retailers every day. They used to keep a record of 3 to 5 lakh liters of milk every day which was not a simple job. After employing Vasista’s BMCU management solution, they now have real-time updates of milk movement across their 124 BMCUs. They can see the inventory level in real-time and are able to plan their production a lot better based on the market demands and utilization. Everything is stored in the central location making it easier to access as well.

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