IDA Conference 2024

Date: March 4, 2024

Vasista at DIC

Vasista proudly commemorates its ten years of expertise at the golden jubilee conference of the Dairy industry. It’s an honor for us to be part of the 2024 golden jubilee Dairy Industry conference. We’re thrilled to announce that our presentation on “Revolutionizing Dairy supply chain operations using Vasista’s cloud solutions” was warmly embraced by the audience. Over the past decade, Vasista has emerged as a technology leader in the Dairy supply chain, offering indispensable business solutions.


At this pivotal milestone in the dairy industry, Vasista also underscores the essential role of nature in milk production, a process that allows humans to digest this vital resource. It’s crucial to recognize that the dairy industry is indebted to this natural process. Thanks to it, the industry has been able to report a remarkable growth of 6%.

This opportunity also entails a profound responsibility to care for both animals and human beings, thereby ensuring that our livelihoods align with the principles of right livelihoods. 

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IDA Conference 2024