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Efficient cattle management is important for a farmer to get a better yield and price

Cattle Health is Important

A single farmer can have multiple cattle under his provision for procuring milk. Similarly, a local collection centre can be a hub for hundreds of cows and buffalos whose milk has to be collected every day. Since most dairies provide support to farmers in ensuring a good yield, it becomes important for them to keep an accurate track of farmer details as well as his cattle. Knowing if a cattle is healthy or ill plays a huge role in the milk it provides.

Interactive Dashboard for Cattle Management

Vasista’s Farmer Management module provides farmers with an easy dashboard to capture their cattle count, their health, age, pregnancy status, market value, and if a particular animal requires any special care. It takes away from manual entry of these details which were hard to maintain and verify. Now a farmer can easily see how much cattle he has, what is their health status, whether a veterinary is required, if his cattle are getting too old, or if an ill animal is producing lower quality milk which the collection centre won’t accept. This insight will help them get the proper care and attention required for their cattle.

Seamless Collaboration with Banks

All this information comes in handy for the dairy companies and banks as well. In some places, farmers tend to hide true information about their cattle in hopes of getting higher pay by submitting milk from non-healthy cows. They can also procure a loan for an unhealthy animal and then try to take insurance money by committing fraudulent activities. Through the Farmer Management module, banks and dairy companies can corroborate the real status of a farmer’s cattle and decide whether he is eligible for a loan or some input services help from the dairy company. It lowers the financial risk of these institutions and helps farmers get a better yield and price for their milk.

Case Study

Diary company DKMUL had 124 BMCUs working for them collecting milk and dispatching it to distributors and retailers every day. They used to keep a record of 3 to 5 lakh liters of milk every day which was not a simple job. After employing Vasista’s BMCU management solution, they now have real-time updates of milk movement across their 124 BMCUs. They can see the inventory level in real-time and are able to plan their production a lot better based on the market demands and utilization. Everything is stored in the central location making it easier to access as well.

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