Artificial Insemination

Although still a fairly new concept, Artificial Insemination has been successful in maintaining

Natural Mating can be Complicated

Farmers have long been plagued by the inefficient process of natural breeding. While it might seem easier on paper, natural breeding can be inefficient, costly, and dangerous for farmers as well as animals. In natural breeding, males can end up depositing too much semen into the cow than required. Not only is the process exhausting, but also limits the number of mating a male can perform. Also, natural breeding can lead to transmission of venereal diseases among the animals and injuries as a bull is physically stronger than a cow and during mating season, they tend to get more aggressive as well.

Incorporate Artificial Insemination

Vasista aims in increasing awareness about artificial insemination among farmers. Though a fairly new concept still, Artificial Insemination has a number of benefits not just for the farmer but for the dairies as well. Artificial insemination is disease-free and the semen from one male can be diluted to impregnate multiple cows without any physical stress to anyone involved. The semen can be stored and transported to faraway places as well making it possible for farmers to improve the genetic pool of their cattle and reduce the effects of inbreeding.

Track Artificial Insemination Process and Results

The artificial insemination module keeps an accurate track of the movement of bull semen as well and gives suggestions about the best time to inseminate a cow. Since insemination can happen without the need for a bull, farmers can cut down on costs for feeding and maintaining a bull. The progeny will inherit characteristics like high milk yield, better reproductive efficiency, disease resistance, higher birth weight of calves and more from both its parents. This will in turn improve the quality of milk produced by the offspring and the dairy company.

Case Study

DkMUL Dairy has 16 camp offices and 26 veterinarians. Keeping track of how many villages covered and how many inseminated to cattle, and their pregnancy test details, how many Medicine are used. And based on pregnancy positive result and female calf birth details they are calculating incentives to AI workers and Farmers.
Before Milko soft they are tracking AI history and semen indent for each village manually entered in book, get the details and calculating manual to give the incentives to AI workers and Farmers, Now milko soft helps them to calculate incentives and recoveries automation based AI entry and semen indent.

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