Milkosoft is a path-breaking cloud-based Dairy Resource Planning software and first of its kind in India. Milkosoft is a well architected and highly scalable product with flexibility to integrate with any other related systems and devices.

Mobile First

Milkosoft is the first of its kind Dairy sector ERP that uses Mobile in the complete process. Keeping in mind that all the stakeholders cannot access a computer to update and check the status of their work, Milkosoft also enables mobile solution for the necessary inputs. Using Milkosoft, users can login to their account and see their orders, payment details, order history, catalogs and outlets. Using Milkosoft, each stakeholder can also update the details synchronizing the data between the parties to keep everybody informed.


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Dairy Sector Overview

The Dairy industry plays a vital role in rural wealth creation across the globe. Dynamics of supply chain for rural produce are fast changing with rapid urbanization. Changing lifestyles, health consciousness, advances in biotechnology, packaging and newer delivery channels influence consumer preferences and directly impact the food supply chain. In contrast to other rural produce, the dairy industry over the years has mastered the art of dealing with highly perishable commodities. However, the industry faces numerous challenges – reaching out to rural areas, procuring milk of varying standards, competitive environment, hard negotiations with retailers, etc. Production planning and processing has been a major struggle for dairy industry. Obsolete IT technologies plague the industry with silo systems perpetuating inefficiencies. Traditional ERP’s being highly capital intensive, do not fit the dairy IT budgets.

In spite of these numerous challenges, India is the highest milk producer in the world. high population increasing per capita consumption of milk, favorable government agrarian policies create tremendous potential for further growth in the dairy industry. State run dairy cooperative federations and corporate sector are driving multifold increase in the market share of organized sector. Dairy margins are always under pressure with intense competition. While dairy cooperatives aim to maximize returns for the members, corporate sector aims at aggressive growth plans.

Effective innovation and improving operational efficiency are key for achieving profitable growth in the dairy sector. Advances in dairy technologies, conscious shift towards quality and compliance with food regulations are forcing the industry to adopt cloud based dairy resources planning solutions.

Milkosoft Overview

Milkosoft is a path-breaking Cloud-Based Dairy Resource Planning Software first of its kind in India, developed jointly by Vasista and Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Co-operative Federation (APDDCF). Milkosoft has been deigned based on inputs from senior dairy consultants with decades of experience and covers all aspects of dairy supply chain.

Procurement Module: Centralized update of procurement masters like rate charts, quality control parameters eliminates mischief by intermediaries in implementing policies across the regions.System generated milk bill SMS notifications to milk producers builts confidence in farmer community. Real-time information of a.m/p.m milk collection data with Fat and SNF details is always available to procurement managers. Google maps integration of collection centers facilitate head of procurement to plan raw material logistics.

Milk Factory Module: Dairy engineer can log-in from any location to plan next day’s production. Dairy process arithmetic tools to work out condensation, reconstitution, pasteurization etc., are at his figure tips. Quantitative reconciliations of curdled milk, drained milk are achieved through integration with milk flow meters avoiding manual errors in production costing. Batch-wise production tracking and bar coding of products offers instantaneous information on stock movement.

Sales and Distribution Module: The systems captures all types of milk sales including Cash,Milk Cards,Special Order,Credit etc.Multi-channel indent capture (through phone,mobile,internet) offers great fexlibilty. Truck-sheet generated at a click of button captures shift-wise, route-wise, area-wise and agent wise sale of milk and offers performance metrics to marketing department. Integration with various banks, e-Seva, credit card service providers offers multiple payment options to business partners.

Food Safety and Quality Control: Seamless integration of milk quality control processes right from procurement through product sale. Flexibility to set higher quality standards helps dairy to diffrentiate from competitors.
Other key business solutions like, HR management, Finance and Accounts, compliance with tax laws etc. add great amount of discipline and transparency to attract loan funding from banks or equity funding from investors into your organization. Office solutions like document management, internal communication are complimentary offerings from Milkosoft.

Vasista’s Cloud- based Milkosoft is a disruptive technical innovation to control operations from mobile redefines ERP.

Why Milkosoft?

Cost:In a typical ERP 30% of the cost goes to upfront sale price, i.e.,license cost of software. As against commercial software,Vasista’s Milkosoft,carries the advantage of zero licensing cost.

Ease of Implementation: ERPs have got a bad reputation for being extremely complicated and very expensive to implement. Complexity of design and technology and versatility of the product are key issues to be considered. Milkosoft is a well designed flexible architecture that makes the implimentaion easy.

Ease of Customization: Milkosoft offers wide range of dairy functionality. It contains most mature application in the suite with a very flexilbe accommodate functionality that measures up to the largest available commercial alternatives. The flexibility offered eases system to accomplish nearly anything including e-commerce, inventory and order management, accounting,milk plant operations, human resource management, facility management and fixed asset management.

Ease of Integration: Another important feature is ease of Integration. Milkosoft architechture contains features where practically every service can be exposed for thirdparty integration. Live implementation with payment gateways, e-seva, A.P Online, banking and Credit card products vouch for the Milkosoft’s integration capabilities.

Ease of Use: Ease of use is an under-recognized critical success factor-Surveys from KPMG on customer satisfaction have put ease of use at the top, and ease of installation close behind. Most managers realize the importance of getting staff to buy into a new ERP system. If it is difficult to operate, or hard to install, it’s not going to be used and will turn into a huge expensive disaster.

Vasista’s pay-as-you-use model enables you to avoid capital investment risks associated with upfront payment for IT implementation offering instant return on every penny spent

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